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Pubs and Restaurants Across England to be closed at 10 pm

Every pub, bar, restaurant, and hospitality venues in England are forced to shut down from 24 September to succour the clampdown of the virus. The sector is also confined by law to mere table services. Police are bestowed the authority of issuing €1,000 fine and can also carry out arrest until the enforcement of 2-metre social distancing has become the norm in pubs and restaurants.

The doubling of cases every week across the nation and the anticipation of a second wave has ushered the health officials and the government to take such stringent measures. At the same time, the flip side is that numerous businesses had zilch bulwark to combat a crucial new economic hit.

The escalation of the UK’s Covid-19 alert level to four, which means an exponential rise in cases, on 21 September, has engendered Johnson to take renewed action. However, the measures are moderate as opposed to government scientific advisers that proposed a two-week full lockdown as a circuit breaker.

economic hit

Despite the measures seeming relaxed, the quandary here is that 10 pm is the peak hour for customers to come in, and the sales then contribute to 60% of their quotidian earnings escorting the sector to a breaking point.

But the government is facing a Gordian knot; if actions are not taken, it could enkindle a situation wherein by mid-October UK would observe 50,000 new Covid-19 cases per day and result in more than 200 deaths per day by mid-November. Therefore, the need of the hour is a new norm that spearheads a recalibration.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, had spotlighted the gravity of the issue in terms of the escalation in infections, and the shift in the Covid-19 alert level possesses a gargantuan dilemma. Therefore, it is crucial to curb the spread of this vile virus and safeguard lives.

The threat to individuals and businesses is an obstacle that cannot be downgraded, but lives are of more value. Therefore, the sole way to tackle this issue of spiralling cases is by safeguarding the lives of citizens.

The sudden upsurge was associated with food outlets and restaurants, and these new regulations impose restrictions on the owner instead of the customers; however, it is the latter that needs to stick to the rules.

This Monday witnessed the second-highest daily total since May at a massive 4,368 Covid-19 cases. Therefore, this second surge has coerced the government to adopt more sophisticated measures to curb the spread, rather than stringent nationwide measures.

This measure applies a brake on the outbreak before resorting to more draconian measures if need be. Though the mandatory table service has constituted and outlines a triumphant Swedish model and definitely will succour benefits, the new closing time will engender havoc to the hospitality sector that was writhing in pain after the first lockdown.

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